Sunday September 22, 2019

Scotts Ltc.

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About Scott's Ltd, Inc.


For over 12 years, Scott’s Ltd Inc. has provided a wide range of construction services that includes renovation and management in the Health Care, Commercial and Residential Industry. Our reputation is based on completing the project on schedule and within budget from pre-construction to project completion. Our company will provide qualified management and supervision to coordinate our team members on every project.

Stand up meetings are also recommended prior to each work day in order to assure that all involved will be notified of any changes in the scheduling. Daily meetings will also help keep a smooth flow and transition throughout the day with the residents and personnel.

Scott's Ltd. understands the importance of maintaining a clean working environment throughout the duration of the project. Also, it is our highest priority to work within the many building and construction codes in order to eliminate any potential problems which cost everyone time and money.