Sunday September 22, 2019

Scotts Ltc.

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Scott's Ltd. will make your Residential Renovation Seamless and Comfortable for You.


Scott's Ltd. understands the importance of maintaining a clean working environment throughout the duration of the project and working within building codes to eliminate any potential problems. Scott's Ltd. understands that a home renovation can be intrusive and disruptive. However, Scott's Ltd. has extensive experience in working in environments that require constant consideration of the residents who are living there. We take extra care in making your home renovation as friendly and unobtrusive as possible.


Enjoy the photos below. They are real world examples of Residential projects

Scott's Ltd. works on everyday.


Residential Access Ramp (See additional images in gallery at bottom of page)

Residential Access Ramp, Scott's LTD Inc.

Complete kitchen renovation which included electrical, lighting, cabinets, appliances, counters floors, sink, and windows.

Residential Renovation before and after, Scott's Ltd, Inc.


Shower renovation including a walk-in tub with door for elderly resident.

Residential Before and after of bathtub and shower

Pearson Tile Bathroom, Devin Scott Construction


Shower stall renovation which included floor reinforcement construction, reworked plumbing and complete tile construction.

Residential Tile Shower Renovation


Bathroom renovation which included the installation of new shower stall, flooring, plumbing, walls, and paint.

Residential Shower Addition and Renovation

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